Preventative Maintenance

Boardroom 2boardroom 3Boardroomd.s.cctv installPreventative Maintenance:


Metro Solutions offers competitive Preventative Maintenance and Equipment breakdown service packages to tailor for Pharmaceutical and Corporate Environments.

Metro Engineers will call to site on a bi-annual basis and create a detailed report on every piece of Audio Visual (AV) Equipment on that particular site. All equipment will be serviced and details recorded. We will then advise You, the client on what, if anything needs to be replaced or repaired ensuring there no Equipment downtime in the future.

This service guarantees all AV equipment is maintained at the highest level and ensures smooth running of essential services in busy boardrooms, receptions areas, canteens etc.

Along with the Preventative Maintenance visits Metro also provides an 8 hour response call out time in the event there is a breakdown in service to any of the Audio Visual Equipment. Once onsite we will quickly diagnose the problem and fix it immediately if possible. If a part has to be replaced we will order the part while still onsite and get back to finish fixing the problem as soon as the unit is delivered to our warehouse in Wilton, Cork.

Preventative Maintenance contracts are essential in the Pharmaceutical and Corporate Environments where meetings, training, staff displays and the like are an everyday occurrence.

Please feel free to discuss with us a Preventative Maintenance contract for your place of work where we offer a Free, no commitment quotation service.