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We know Projectors and if there’s anything you need which involves a projector installation or repair, we are the people to talk to.

Metro Solutions offer maintenance and installation of projectors in corporate, Home or in Office environments. Projectors are the perfect solution for presenting in business or education.

Progression of technology in an age of tablets and smart phones allows content to be streamed wirelessly from your device to easy to use projectors. We have a range of projectors to choose from which will best suit your needs.

We offer maintenance contracts for buildings which house a large amount of projectors. We can call 3 times a year to clean filters and check if lamps need replacing. We will give you a report on each projector and tell you when parts will need replacing. We can also pre order lamps before the life span of the existing bulb gives up. Talk to us about our very reasonable preventive maintenance contracts for projectors.

Home cinema in High Definition with quality Surround systems are our speciality. Enjoy your very own personalised picture house in the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t have to be a large room in the house. We can tailor for a converted attic, or a small bedroom. You tell us what you require and we will do the rest !